Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Weds 9th Dec: Last Chance Saloon at Spring: Gary Card

There are only 10 days left to catch Gary Card's sculpture at Spring Projects as part of the group show "Bermuda Triangle".  If you have opened up the new issue of Vogue to find Gary shot by Bailey or tuned into SHOWstudio to see him being shot live by Nick might want to check out what this handsome chap has been conjuring up.  This is an opportunity to get up close  and personal with his handy work to investigate the charm of his craft and creation of characters.  He has created a vortex of Plasticine faces that is a portal to the rest of the show........a tunnel that cocoons you with a thousand tiny faces.  Its a little like falling down the well in Labyrinth when the hands turn into faces and you feel like you should engage with their quizzical expressions.  I was a bit shy and scared, but Spring's spirited receptionist gave me a non-negotiable shove and I'm glad because I really enjoyed the experience!  
Gary is known for his work within all the various outlets and realms of Set Design and Illustration, so it was very exciting to go the the private view for his first fine art show...........without needing to look into a crystal ball, I can predict a discerning destiny of diversification for Gary in 2010..........can't wait!

Typically, as with most of my interview questioning, I got in touch with Gary to find out more about the seeds that were sewn when he was growing up and what childhood inspirations have affected his output as a New Generation London artist......

1)  What was your favourite artwork when you were a that you saw in a museum and made an impact on you?

The first painting that ever caught my imagination was Flora by Evelyn De Morgan, I was very excited about the Pre -rafilites at the time and I went to see a small show of paintings at small museum in Bournemouth.  It sounds really cheesy now but I remember being utterly transfixed by her eyes, it's a lovely painting but it's very twee. I'm amazed at how girly I was at 12.

2)  When you were in art class at school what piece were you most proud of making?  Does your Mum still have it?

I made what I can only describe as a purple tower of doom when I was about 15, think 'Castle Grey Skull' sculpted by Edvard Munch, come to think of it the cave isn't that much of a departure! That's quite telling , haha! My little masterpiece currently resides in my Mums toilet. 

3)  You have an innate fascination for faces.........if you were commissioned to do a portrait for the NPG who would like to immortalise and in what medium?  

I'd make a bust of Vincent Price made entirely out of masking tape. That would be fun. 

4)  In the press release it mentions the Kutna Hora as a reference.........what is your ultimate dream destination for inspiration?

Disney Land at night! but without all the ghastly tourists. I'd rent the park and have it completely to myself,  I'd light a huge fire in some bizarre pagan ritual in the middle of the park, I'd dance around it with a loin cloth made from mickeys glove and his head on a stick. that would be epic!

5)  This is your first flurry into fine art .........will we be seeing more of Gary Card in this realm?..........future plans?  

This experience has been probably the most satisfying experience of my career so far, I've loved the freedom, i will definitely be looking for other opportunities to expand my visual vocabulary in the future, hopefully in the coming months actually.  

(Images:  Screen-grabs SHOWstudio 100 portraits, my snaps at Spring, Gary's self-portrait "of what i wore for the nick knight thing, i took this photo to show my boyfriend what i wore.") 

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