Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tues 8th Dec: YCN Christmas Shop: My stocking and its filling

So, here is my "stocking" which you can turn into a cosmic lampshade when Christmas is over.  If I'm asked to make something for a project, I can't help subconsciously ignoring the premis and simply produce whatever I'm working on at the time..........hence this not a regular stocking shape!  Its a gigantic version of the accessories that I have made for the SHOWstudio Christmas Shop as decorations for their tree.  I was late delivering to YCN as I couldn't let it out of my hands.  I love it so much.  Its iridescent, holographic, glittery, optical and rainbowy.............in other words, I went completely self indulgent and made my idea of a dream stocking!  So please, whoever buys this = LOOK AFTER IT..........take a photo and send it to me for my records/blog..........and if you are really kind maybe keep the contents and give it back to me?!  Only joking!.........well maybe not............
The treats inside are less like satsumas and more like special edition accessories.  They are variant one-off pieces to my regular styles so its totally UNIQUE.  Its retailing as £35 but if you stick a 1 on the front and a 0 on the end of that, its nearer the RRP.  BARGAIN CENTRAL!  Contact YCN to bag it!  Before I go back down the chimney and steal it!  

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♥ Miggy ♥ said...

oh me oh my! I love love love. Genius. Who wants conventional anyway?