Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday 18th April: BOY London

Thanks to Rowdy for introducing me to the East End HQ of BOY London.  I don't know which rock Ive been trapped under but I had no idea it was there now?!  Aswell as original pieces and re-issue t-shirts the establishment has diversified to reconditioning vintage European bikes.  Another thing I had no idea about and have now learnt about stripping a bike of all gears and breaks to become a fixed wheel model which is light enough to carry into your building without risk of locking it up outside to be stolen.  A bike with no breaks?    That's the new trend apparently.  Have a look at whats whizzing past and you'll start to notice!  Yikes!  
Here is Elisha trying on a covetable coat which she had to reluctantly leave behind.  I would love to see her barking orders from the director's chair wearing a gold BOY bomber jacket!  Perfect!  So if you want to snap up a piece of BOY, a copy of Blitz (see Boy George wearing some Blame on the cover above) and a flash new bike for the Spring, spend your Sunday down at Brick Lane Market.
To see a great selection of original imagery, click here.

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