Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weds 21st April: You do the mash, you do the SuperMash

"Clash Mash" is the name of Sarah's third and final Supermarket Sarah Wonderwall installed at Selfridge's Wonder Room.  The poor girl can now return to normal sleeping pattterns...........after the de-install next week that is!  I can't quite see exactly what is going on in this new theme from the phone pic that she sent me yesterday after completion but I think that might be some Wood London hanging in the centre.  YUM!  My bow stars are still up with the addition of the silver hat from my "Heliocentric Electric" collection and 2 Caterpillar necklaces from my "Dahlia Fantasia" Collection..............all hand made and never to be reproduced so its an investment!  
Its the last week for Sarah and also my windows at Selfridges so have a look if you are passing......
Check out more at the Selfridges blog......
(Top image of my hat and breast plate ontop of a Gemma Slack dress styled by Masha Mombelli)

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