Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thurs 22nd April: Into Africa at The Darkroom

The Darkroom boutique are celebrating the leap into the new Summer season with a special edition exhibition "Into Africa".  They have invited a selection of designers to take traditional African arts and textiles as a starting point to produce a mini range exclusively for the event.  The participants are as follows:  Corrie Williamson, David David, Despina Curtis, Florian, H by Harris, Lizzie Finn, Michelle Lowe-Holder and Noel Stewart...............and myself with print designer Brie Harrison.  
For this project I asked Brie to collaborate as I thought it would be fun for us to invent our own vision of a contemporary African print. Brie created a gorgeous graphic silk habitai with which I have made a showpiece from my Spring/Summer collection  "Hibiscus Ridiculous" and additional limited edition brooches and necklaces. I chose to reproduce this design as it is both an accessory and a unique object that could integrate into interior design which fits perfectly to The Darkroom's product range. Its interactive tactile nature is like a game as it turns infinitely in your hands and can be worn either on the head, neck or shoulder.  Here are the pieces at my studio when I finished making them yesterday...........before pedalling like a mad man on my mountain bike to deliver them...........megalomaniac, doing everything myself..........CURRENTLY RECRUITING INTERNS>>>>>>>>>>>

Head down to Lamb's Conduit Street today to check out not only The Darkroom but also Cube PR press day where Supermarket Sarah has transformed the shop front for the occasion..............that girl gets around!  (No offence Sarah  ;  P  )
See the design in motion when I illustrated the original to Diane Pernet at LFW:

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