Monday, 5 July 2010

Mon 5th July: Patrick's picnic

Whilst Hyde Park hosted Wireless music festival yesterday, it was also unknowingly the venue for another music event quietly off the radar - Patrick Wolf's birthday picnic. In a little break of trees near the river we congregated to toast the celebration and also the wondrous luck that we have found each other and formed a family of lush friends. Here is Bishi and Bethan Wood with her new marquetry bangle and pattern silk scalves.........her sequin slippers, vintage Chinese hat and bongo bag. Bethan baked a magic P savoury surprise - bread that she had rolled into a P shape, and filled with pockets of lots of scrumy secret ingredients. I made the signature rainbow cupcakes that I learnt from Lily Vanilli..........always a winner, even when the cream cheese icing melts in miniature landslides!



rachel gilman said...

Fred, do you know Joanne of Chromium Dumb Belle? I see kindred spirits in you two.....

fredbutlerstyle said...

oooh wow

i didn't know about her so thank you!

its lovely!

I never got your gift..........did you send it?

would love to have some Rachel Gilman in my life!


rachel gilman said...

no not yet because i added a third piece! i am a douchebag for making you wait......forever......

fredbutlerstyle said...

well lets face it, its gonna be worth the wait!!!!!