Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thurs 8th July: Renata Abbade

Here is Renata Abbade who is one of life's great joys and never fails to put a smile on my face and make me literally LOL. Ive had so much fun going through her video archive just now, watching her brilliant video clips to research for this.........which I highly recommend you do I have posted one of my favourites here.
Renata is a Brazillian beauty in New York making the city scape a more colourful place with her outfits, dancing, styling and accessories line "Re-Accessories". For the last couple of days she has been in threeASFOUR's China Town silver studio taking part in their summer sale. If you are in NYC and braving the heat, nip down to the LES to check out the exquisite mix of threeASFOUR's genius designs for a reduced price and Renata's necklaces which you can see layed out on the silver table. I wish I was under a canopy of close NYC warmth and privee to the pitter patter of Forsyth Street's ping pong park noise. Unfortunately I'm not, so I urge any New Yorker natives to take up the opportunity to visit the heavenly silver loft and invest in some prize pieces that will make you feel incredible each time you wear them.........I can vouch for this!

4th Floor
86 Forsyth Street
NY NY 10002
Thurs 8th Noon - 8pm

All photos from Renata and film "Arto Lindsay, "Beija-me"

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