Monday, 5 July 2010

Tues 6th July: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - "Garden"

When I contacted Nina Ribena about getting a onsie for Glastonbury she sent me photos of her African print pantsuits which now crop up in the new video for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs "Garden" which she styled. You might also be able to spot one of my Heliocentric Electric hairpieces there too, whilst the metal cage ornamental accessory on Orlando is by Yunus & Eliza! For this track the guest female vocalist is Luisa from Lulu and the Lampshades............. so between these two bands, they've got quite a long name situation going on if they join forces! Check out both of their myspace pages to see which festivals they are playing to catch them this summer.......and just for now, click play and mellow out to this cute tune!

Directed by Lily Smith

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Blow PR said...

Great video and love that headpiece!