Friday, 10 September 2010

Fri 10th Sept: Noughtie Nightlife

The Broken Hearts were typically resplendent in attendance at the private view of "Noughtie Nightlife" last night.........ironically taking party pictures to blog for weknowwhatyoudidlastnight which is infact one of the subjects of the exhibition. The show curated by Antony Price has brought together images from the different clubs and the kids that frequented them in noughties London - caught on film by the photographers that circulated the scene. The most photographed reveller of the genre appears to be NIYI who you can see here looking gorgeous in gold glitter together with Ryan Styles. Other faces that crop up, captured on the dance floors have now risen the ranks of party goers and organisers to personalities in their own right - now being shot by the establishment such as Scottee by Tim Walker and Jodie Harsh by Nick Knight. It really doesn't seem that long ago since I was waking up on a Monday morn to retrieve image url codes from dirtydirtydancing to upload onto my Myspace from the weekends antics. But according to this retrospective of the "sub culture" its been long enough to celebrate the protagonists who recorded the movement, such as Ellis Scott, Billa Baldwin, Rory DCS and a really fantastic slideshow of Polaroids by Paul Harnett of early Kashpoint days including a very young Bishi and Patrick Wolf!

For more information, see Pigeons & Peacocks and to see photos from the party last night, check the RichMix own blog.

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