Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sat 11th: Oxjam - Craig Lawrence tackles climate change with "cool to be kind"

Yes, that's right "Oxjam" not "Oxfam". When Craig kept emailing me with that as the subject title, I thought it was his dyslexia playing havoc. But, no, he was correct. Its the name of Oxfam’s month long, nationwide, annual music festival for the duration of October. The festival is made up of hundreds of events around the UK. It is through the support raised by events and initiatives such as this that made it possible for Oxfam to be one of the first to provide emergency relief during the Haiti earthquake this year. Over recent years Oxjam has been supported by the biggest artists and celebrities such as such as The Scissor Sisters, The Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Kylie, Jamie Oliver, 30 London Fashion Week Designers.
This season, Aldene Johnson (chief fashion editor of Vice) will host a pop up shop at the concert in London and has selected both Craig and Dominic Jones to create a one-off T-Shirt design for the project. Both designers were asked to draw up artwork based on an ecological theme within climate change that motivates them personally. Craig collaged photos from his childhood caravan holidays to convey a message of taking vacations on hometurf in favour of flying abroad and incurring unnecessary carbon emissions. I think it will be hilarious when his long lost friends from these trips find the t-shirt and see themselves emblazoned in Oxfam!
Here are campaign photos of Craig's tee shot by Kristin Vicari with a mix of his current London family modelling (top to bottom Madeleine, Kristin herself!, Stevie, me and Veronica So from Teeth) .

Oxjam will be held at the Coronet Theatre with performance from Faithless on Friday 1st October 2010, click here for more details and for all event and ticket info

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