Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sat 30th Oct: NYC: Johnny Rozsa - Untouched

My brain is like a metal detector for all things Bowery, I seem to be able to instinctively sniff out a whiff of his legend like a wild boar on the hunt for truffles. On my first day in NYC, I was so excited to accidentally come across this exhibition of gigantic prints on my way to my favourite origami shop in Chinatown. Ive never seen a few of the images from the seasons greetings series where Leigh dressed up in thematic costumes for gift cards. In addition to the "Pakis from outer space" gigantic prints of Leigh and Trojan is another wall of a handful of other icons captured in revealing, raw and rare moments including an early Boy George. At $2000 a piece I unfortunately had to leave the gallery empty handed - a very sad state to have to abandon these massive momentous prints AND a stunning black and white shot of Grace Jones. The portraits have been taken from a new monograph of Johnny Rozsa's "Untouched" archive of Glitterati captured in pure light and left in there natural state. One such beauty is the invite image Emily Lloyd which survived a flood in Rozsa's basement which fortuitously left the negative damaged with multicoloured mottled swirls of water marks. To find out more, see here.

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Dean Stephen Davies said...

ahhhh it looks amazing! wish i lived in NY to go and see this!