Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sat 30th Oct: Peaches - The Opera - Incoming from Alun Davies

You may recall a photo from my Lovebox coverage of Alun Davies wheeling Peaches into backstage. When she broke her ankle, Alun saved the day by decorating her wheelchair for the performance by pimping it up with pink hair. That was the summer in London >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fast-forward to fall in Berlin and Alun has undertaken the stage design for Peaches latest venture - "Peaches Does Herself". Its the 10th Anniversary of Peaches debut album "The Teaches of Peaches" and to mark the occasion, she has written an opera that brings together her whole back catalog of songs. The musical opened on the 28th and runs for two more days, culminating on Halloween. Thanks to Alun for these fantastic photos from his process of constructing the set and here he is in the last snap, appearing out of a ........... well, cant think of the most polite word, but knowing Peaches work I think you can all work out what it is!

"I hope you are well, so the Peaches Opera opened last night in Berlin and it has gone super well so far,

Here are a few pictures and the poster - back stage images and a few images from the dress rehearsal..... I would really like it to come to London I think it is amazing!"

Lets hope it does come to London! One of my all time favourite gigs ever was Peaches at The Kentish Town Forum in around 205/2006. Now its a musical of all of her records it must be amazing..........not to mention the production! Well done Alun! Read more and see a clip from the action here. Alun's blog is here.

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