Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wed 27th Oct: Vicky Langdon reports from Dutch Design Week + Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show


1. The star of the show was undoubtedly Rian Crabtree's "Anger Cosmetics" work, which really reminds me of Nick Knight style photographs. These are beautiful in themselves, however it turns out she actually made the objects or probs in appearing in the images as well. My photography however is pretty rubbish so had to scan her cards for the images. She graduated from Man and Identity course.

2. A smaller more rodenty star of the show was The Mouse images are by Roel De Boer who graduated from Man and Living course.
"mouse mates" man and animal can live in the same space. De Boer created an accommodation for mice that will reduce the distance between man and animal.

3. "Barbapoef" is inspired by balloons and has amazing coloured material/plastic stretched across a piece of wood. The colours and textures were so nice I wanted to bite them.
by Maarten Collignon (graduating from Man and Living)

4. Iris van Daalen showed next door to Rian, she designed a range of iconic jewellery using this material and has visualised them in Graphic Hair, a series of fashion photographs.

After seeing the graduation show we went to a part at La Bolleur which was ace - there's this video to show it off. I warn you though I had the song, stuck in my head for days even though I don't speak Dutch! See here

5. Second day I saw amazing shows at Flow my favourite piece being the "antiprinter" by Raw colour. (bias because I'm a printer!)
At Dutch Invertuals a piece by Edhv, saw pieces of wood from an ancient Eindhoven city gate, sliced up with pencils attached to them so when the wood bows and moves it draws lines on the paper below. Genius! The image is of each persons from the shows finger put through a piece of ancient wood.

" Vicky Langdon, The Future Laboratory

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