Monday, 1 November 2010

Mon 1st Nov: London - AMS knitwear goes online

AMS - CORGI SOCKS from danny sangra on Vimeo.

The fantastic colour palette and patterned knitwear to come from the collaboration between Danny Sangra and Lynnda Needles (Lyn Cockburn) named "A Minute Silence" has just launched its online shop. Here is a little film clip showcasing their newly produced optical Corgi socks added to the shop and a still of my favourite Luc Cardigan from the same collection. This is luxury and fun all rolled into one. I asked Danny and Lynnda to send me some snaps of their inspiration and their working environment to get an inside perspective at their aesthetic. Here are 3 images of references on their desk for development and they have put together 2 collages to show each of their individual current visual obsessions - I'm loving the Twiggy eye makeup in Danny's!
Head over to the site to see whats for sale and what might just be the best Christmas present you can possibly get your lover! This is socks gone sexy!

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