Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tues 2nd Nov: NYC - threeASFOUR HQ

............... and I'm home again.......... that's how it feels when I walk the leafy sidewalk of a Fall Forsyth Street, along the park to the silver loft studio of threeASFOUR. Walking up the steel glittering steps to the 4th floor is always a comforting and exciting prospect each time I return. This is the epicentre of cosmic creativity that gave me hope for my path in the future and reassurance that pure beauty is prevalent to eyes that are open to find it.
The studio has become a haven of greenery since I was last here with Angela spritzing and attending to her tropic border that surrounds where the fractal seamed collection harmoniously hangs. I will bring a separate, more detailed account of this in a secondary post.............but firstly for an introduction - here is a peak into the menagerie where the magic happens.

Venture further into the exquisite world of threeASFOUR here

(You can read the whole story of my discovery and journey in 2001 in ItsNiceThat Issue2)

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