Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sat 6th Nov: NYC "Six Scents" with Mary Katrantzou

"Six Scents" is an annual project that brings together six artists and six perfumers to invent new fragrances on a theme with proceeds going to a selected charity. In its third year, the latest combination of characters have been asked to cultivate and devise a scent evoking smells reminiscent of childhood memories with "WarChild" as the chosen scheme to receive funds. Mary was teamed with Shyamala Masiondieu - the citrus outcome named "Trompe L'Oeil" captures the fruit aromas of Mary's travelling in a soft feminine yet strong striking scent. I couldn't believe Mary would be in town for the event as she was surely still in Zurich getting her back patted in congratulations for scooping the Swiss Textile Award. As it turned out she skipped sleep and scooted over to NYC to host the evening having only just arrived an hour earlier! Here she is beaming and excited to have a couple of days to herself and enjoy the city after a gruelling shcedule which she said has been more full on than showtime. We toasted to her success with cocktails........... now reading the background, I think we should have chosen Mimosa's as that is one of the heart notes to her fragrance!
As if by magic Casey Spooner came on to perform at the "Boom Boom Room" wearing his Timothy Everest jacket made in Mary's special print for the design. It was an unrelated party we attended back at her hotel (The Standard) so this was a really great surprise to top off the night! The other highlight for me was the bathrooms which are glass walled so you are positioned looking out at the Manhattan skyline as you pee - whoever invented this idea must be a fun guy!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!

Six Scents Series Three - Making Scents of Memories: From Innocence to Experience from Six Scents Parfums on Vimeo.

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