Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sun May 1st: Andrew Logan's Alternative Wedding Reception

Kim and I had the luckiest experience to visit Andrew Logan's home for his "Alternative Wedding Reception Party" - complete with guest appearance from the Queen herself (hmm hmm) which was hilarious. I have seen many photos of the incredible glass building in Bermondsey designed by his architect partner Michael and always wondered what it would be like to visit. The futuristic structure is like a botanist's dream full with greenery and a slice of heaven on earth for magpie eyes like mine, walls dripping with his mirror mosaics. Andrew has not just filled the space with sculptures and hung his giant artworks but in addition literally covered vast surface areas with site specific shiny tiling - for instance every square inch of a bathroom is mirrored. Cases are full of his earrings, cuffs, bracelets and brooches like a candy store full of miniature meteorites that have almost fallen off the grand scale cosmos of works. Massive portraits of icons jigsaw the orange and coral pink painted walls which lead out onto the gigantic glass house structure. I would love to go back again in the daylight to witness sunbeams streaming in and reflecting off all the iridescent facets. It would also be nice to have another chance to photograph everything as I was so overwhelmed on this occasion to know where to start ........... this is just a tiny glimpse into the vast wonderland of magic and tranquility. I can't think of a more idyllic interior design destination .......... except that of the heavenly threeASFOUR silver loft in NYC which shares a very similar quality but a whole transatlantic ocean away ..............

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