Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Weds 27th April: RIP Poly Styrene

It was so surreal to find out news of Poly Styrene's passing yesterday, especially as I have recently been enjoying her latest release "Virtual Boyfriend" ......... infact April 26th was the release of "Generation Indigo" in the US. Even more strange the fact my Blackberry I was reading the tweeter announcements from has a photo of my Germ Free Adolescents record as the screen saver.
We all know what a loss this is so I won't write anything too much but instead Ive included clips of an insightful recent interview, my favourite song and a live performance I found recommended on a friend's Facebook.......... and here is their summation which is a very succinct true thought........

"RIP poly styrene one of the most important artists & songwriters ever...........totally unprecedented and inspired"

Read a full length article over on The Guardian.

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