Friday, 6 May 2011

Sat 5th May: Haunted: Witch film by Emily Beard

Haunted: Witch HD from Emily Beard on Vimeo.

Emily Beard has been helping me out on my blog for the last couple of years whilst studying for her degree ........ from my days sharing studios with Andy Hillman in Angel to moving to Dalston with Craig Lawrence and now my new partner in crime Kim Howells. Emily's superior contribution has been drafted in by Kim for The House of Organza where you can also find her joining the team with their website. But you will most probably know her work the best at her own site where every Sunday she posts a "scrapbook" comprehensive collection of inspirational imagery. Its her singular sparkly sassy style that carries through from these mood boards into her film work, acting as director and stylist. Emily's final project 'Haunted' is a series of short fashion films addressing the everyday horrors of fashion through 3 characters: a Richard Prince-inspired nurse who obsessively fixates on looking perfect, a zombie/Frankenstein's monster who searches for solace from his own uglyness, and a witch who casts spells to achieve beauty. Here is the first in the trilogy for some insight into what to expect from her graduating portfolio.........

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