Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Weds May 4th : Martin ZÄHRINGER's "MUTE"

Martin ZÄHRINGER has put together the portraits from his "Mute" project for a one month show at the Print House Gallery. The collection of images came about from a premeditated attempt in making the most out of a bad situation - six days of being mute. Martin was undergoing medical treatment on his vocal chords and when confronted with an enforced sentence of silence, he decided to switch the situation. Instead of avoiding social interaction, Martin invited his neighbours and friends to visit his flat to take part in a photographic experiment. Without the regular tool of speech to direct his sitters, Martin used the medium of "stickes" to communicate with his candidates (see screen-grab here). The result is a batch of 50 portraits showing the subjects second guessing how to pose for their director, equipped only with gesture. The series of close-up candid shots contain an interesting mix of Martin's circle of contemporaries working in music, directing, production and photography........ see who you can spot in this small selection. Then, take a trip to Ashwin street to see the whole show for yourself and visit the newly relocated Arcola Theatre next door to have a recce whilst you are there!

18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL

(photos: Screen-grab of conversation, shoot set up, exhibition, Madeleine next to her portrait and Martin outside his private view)

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Snappylifestyle said...

Looks like it's a must see.