Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sun 3rd July: NYC Downlow at Glastonbury Festival via MC GAFF E

Here is insight into the world of NYC Downlow at Glastonbury were the trannies take over the fields to bring some disco era flava to the festival mix. My modest position working on the door, finds me charging £2 entry for which punters receive a fake moustache as their ticket to dance the night away in an imagined and perfectly executed atmostphere. The girls glide through the mud in their heels to put together looks that will never cease to amaze me and makeup that defies all trailer dressing room facilities. My absolute highlight of working for Downlow at Glastonbury is witnessing the turnover of outfits during each night over the duration of the four night run. A great deal of fun is had but its actually a very serious affair with expectant eyes on each member to rise to the challenge of creating a masterpiece montage of drag and weave. This year the theme was .........
"recreating a NYC gay night spot circa 1970s through to early 90s. The trannies are rulin', the leather men and clones are hot, the drag is fierce, the queens are shameless, the Cockettes are in town" Jonny Woo
Here are a selection of MC GAFF E's snaps from backstage and in the club ......... a colour infused family photo album of just some of the faces performing........... see who you can spot.......
I have also included some live footage of one of the numbers when the whole crew come together for a routine on the last evening after their own individual acts.

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