Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thurs 7th July: FENDI for - "Objects of Desire" - on AnOther


AnOther Magazine contacted me to have a little play with some FENDI shoes for their Objects of Desire section of the site. I don't take on much prop styling these days but have wanted to shoot with Kristin Vicari in her flora filled home for a while .............. which I explain over on AnOther, along with the final images by Kristin! Here is a GIF she created whilst Rosy was modelling for the shoot.........

*excerpt from my interview - click here to see*
My work is instinctively about colour and these tan shoes reminded me of terracotta plant post. The burgandy, deep red, orange and yellow of the tights in the show styling also made me think of fake flowers on cacti. It cracks me up how cacti are sold with these ridiculous faux flowers which are actually dyed dried flowers.
I replicated my own cosmic interpretation of these blooms to compliment the shapes of the collection. I then used the pattern embossed in the leather and the palette of the garments to paint the pots.
I like to create site specific scenarios so I contacted photographer Krisin Vicari as Ive always wanted to shoot with her in her botanical filled home. Her apartment is decorated with lots of mint green flora which would act as the perfect backdrop for the set in keeping with the wool felt coat and tote that I really liked. I didn't realise she had a man-hole cover situated in the middle of her exposed concrete floor which was a real bonus and became the main base for the little set. Kristin is also obsessed with high heels (Ive never seen her wear anything else) so I knew she would enjoy this project!

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