Friday, 28 October 2011

Fri Oct 28th: Absolut Blank Video Portraits with Saam Farahmand

You may recognise and remember last time I wrote about Saam Farahmand's video portraits at the Land Of Kings Festival for Soulwax. The travelling dance boothe has found its way to Hoxton Square - literally in the middle of the square on the green. To launch the new location, special guests were invited down to choose their favourite dance floor filler and let loose inside the box for a video portrait. It was hilarious standing in line hearing each person's chosen track and watching their self conscious (or not!!) throwing shapes in a solo disco. Here we have Sophy Robson, (2 of)T3ETH, Cassetteplaya, Alexis Knox, Charlie Casely-Hayford, Daryoush Haj-Najafi and Jamie Winston. The coterie of contenders included London's extended family of fashion folk, musicians and Saam's friends and family ........ extending out to random revellers including a member of Dirty Sanchez who stripped resulting in a blank screen!! Find out what happens next with this installment of images, destined to be mixed as the background of a music show in December for Absolut Blank via Saam's site.......... and if you fancy taking part; the doors are open to the public for the rest of the weekend ........ look out for the blue light and follow the music ..........

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