Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Weds 26th Oct: Anna Bruder at Dalston Superstore

The gallery at Dalston Superstore has recently undergone two changes. Firstly the role of curator has been taken on by Saskia Wickins and secondly the format of group show has been radically readdressed and appropriated in a solo show by Anna Bruder. Theatre designer, prop maker and artist Anna has wallpapered the entire venue to draw directly onto every surface and transform the cafe/club into a scene from a linear illustration. Each chair, table, vase, ketchup bottle, fire extinguisher and even the bar has been given a black outline in this site specific treatment. It's like stepping into a totally new space and makes you instantaneously feel like a floaty, feather-light Fido Dido. I dare not think how long it must have taken Anna to literally go round every single nook and cranny with a felt-tip marker ......... but worth every minute when you get lost looking around and enjoying the occasional penned accompanying commentary.

117 Kingsland High Street London E8 2PB

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