Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sat Oct 29th: Fee Fee La Fou Enterprises

If you think this looks like a fun shop - you'll be right! Fee Fee La Fou has just opened in Dalston with a candy colour circus painted facade and cute merchandise mounted on a wooden helta skelta inside. There is a retro grabber arcade game in the window stuffed with smiley soft toys and power puff girls. Accessories are stacked in draws of an old general store glass cabinet including Blandine Bardeau bracelets and Neivz bangles and bar rings. Graphic pattern cushions are scattered inamongst crocheted teapot covers and neon screen prints hang on the Super Man wallpapered walls. There's lots of little artist edition greeting cards, trinkets and even glittery cupcakes - Halloween pumpkins and aliens today. Check out their page to see news on the shop of curiosities that boasts "everything on site is for sale"........

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