Friday, 6 January 2012

Fri 6th Jan 2012: "Bright Young Things" install at Selfridges: Samara Tompsett set design

In my quest to document the lineage of the fashion industry's Set Design world, here is a new name for my coverage and a contemporary of the most recent featured artist Robert Storey. Above are documentary photos from Samara Tompsett Studio who has collaborated with Alex Mattsson to devise and art direct his window for Selfridges Bright Young Things. Since meeting Samara at the over-night install, she has kindly put together these work-in-progress shots to share ............ and hopefully catch up on some well deserved rest inbetween! The scheme launched this morning with the windows being unveiled and products hitting the shop floor. Alex's trademark rainbow fascination was carried through from the lighting rig of perspex stalactites and laser beams to the spectrum spandex attire and finishing up as a couple of printed pieces available to pick up in the pop-up shop (and online).
Make sure you swing by the Duke Street stretch of windows whilst up West this weekend to see Samara's set and the other 14 designer's interpretations of their collections................
See more of Samara's work including display for Dunhill, prop design for Jimmy Choo and installation area at Latitude Festival............ here.

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