Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tues 3rd Jan 2012: V&A Reading Rooms - Christmas Craft Lock-In

For a final festive post, here are images from the Christmas Craft Lock at the V&A Reading Rooms where I gave a workshop with my paper accessories "Cut out and keepsakes" kit. The Reading Rooms is a seperate location to the main museum as a cafe space dedicated to their books with the walls lined in shelves for you to pick up a monograph to enjoy alongside your macciato. Special events take over the space such as the Friday-late I took part in with other creatives including knitter Ingrid Wagner, book binders Shepherds Falkiners and the gift shop's own Alison Acampora.
This is the kind of thing I love about living in London - that there are so many different classes open to the public between all the different museums, galleries and councils. To find out about future events with the V&A, head over to the site and sign up for the newsletter which will notify you of the upcoming bookings.............

(Images c/o V&A)

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