Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thurs 5th Jan 2012: "Bright Young Things" install at Selfridges: Astrid Anderson

To get 1st hand insight into how Selfridges devise and execute the pioneering scheme, I contacted Hannah Emslie, the Styling Manager of the 3D Creative team for some background :

"Deciding on just a few Bright Young Things is really tough with such a breadth of talent in London. We have so many brilliant graduates and young designers, many of whose profiles have risen dramatically in such a short space of time. It was really important to us that the designers and artists we chose all had something unique to offer – at Selfridges we're known for diversity in the brands we carry, and we wanted to represent that in our choices."

"The designers work with our Production team who help them with the installation logistics, from advice on how to achieve a particular visual effect to suggesting suppliers - but the creative direction remains with the designers. The window installation is also the responsibility of the Bright Young Things, executed over a series of night shifts. Our team are on hand to support, but ultimately it's really down to the designers. It's a really consuming project for them, especially having produced all the product to sell in store too - but it's all worth it!"

Here are a couple of images of menswear designer Astrid Anderson sewing lace cases for basketballs as part of her window on the Duke Street side of the building ............... which will completed tonight and unveiled tomorrow morning.......

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