Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tuesday 30th July: My NOKIA Lumia 925

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the new NOKIA Lumia 925 handset which has the best camera for low-light photography.  Therefore at 9:25 each night I have taken an image to put the lens to test and "capture the night" along with other chosen creatives such as Bip Ling, Ashley Walters and Kimberly Wyatt.  I started off at the V&A for a night tour of the Bowie exhibition with Jeanette and Felicity Hayward.  The next day I snapped my lady's football team when we finish practice as the sun sets on our park.  Day 3 I was down at Somerset House for the open-air concerts of which I witnessed my friend Jessie Ware win the audience and kill the stage.  Then from one al-fresco music event to an in-door warehouse party with BoilerRoom where I photographed Larry B in Rhys Coren's animated projection.  Following on from this was another evening in my sporty week with RunDemCrew which is a night time running crew who end up at NIKE 1948 at sundown where I shot Teo who was training for her triathlon.  This week's run was to the CSM campus at Kings Cross which inspired me to return a subsequent night to take a panoramic wide-angle shot of Felice Varini's beautifully painted "Across the Buildings" installation, and Granary Square's rainbow fountains! To finish off the report, here I am in Hackney Wick in front of the Olympic Stadium which was having a 1st anniversary celebration across the water.  

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