Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday 2nd August: BLOG TAKEOVER Ciara and Nicci meet Mr. Quiffy.

If you've more of an eye for fun fashion than a sweet tooth then the new 'Mr Quiffy' van on King Street, Covent Garden may just have a treat for you. House of Holland's ice cream van pop up shop are selling T-Shirts, sunglasses, hats, clothes and accessories from their latest capsule collection 'Mr Quiffy'. We had a really warm welcome to the shop from Tahmida who was happy to chat to us about the merchandise and was joking with us about their lack of actual ice cream! You can see her in the photos wearing one of the 'Mrs Quiffy' graphic T-Shirts. Whilst we were chatting, a definite Henry Holland's superfan came over wearing one of the 'Lick Me' T-shirts, so we took a cheeky snap of him with the van as well.
The merchandise itself was really fun and cheeky, the whole aesthetic really lending itself to being sold in such a quirky way. We were super keen on the slogan sunglasses 'stick a needle in my eye' and 'eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth', they really made us smile. The whole atmosphere surrounding the van was fun, bringing a POP(UP) of eyecatching colour to Covent Garden. 

Mr Quiffy will be around on King Street for one more day before the HOH roving store goes off on its travels around the UK. So, get it before its gone; look for the Ice Cream van emblazoned with spots and stripes, you can't miss it! 

This has been a blog takeover by Ciara and Nicci from Fred Butler HQ (with an icecream!)

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