Monday, 6 January 2014

Mon 6th Jan: LCM A/W13 - Lou Dalton- Guest Post







Lou Dalton opened London Collections: Men today, the show had an integrity that is all too often overlooked in fashion. Lou referenced where she came from recalling the farm hands and the real working clothes they wore, the choice to reference something so personal resulted in a collection thats subtle nuances clarified why she has become a cornerstone of the fledgling men's fashion week. There is an attention to detail and a concentration on the execution of both the garments and her ideas that help produce something very relevant and desirable. It's the width of a collar, the silhouette of a coat, the way the trouser is cut shorter so it just skims the top of the boot that all enhance her reputation as a designer, with not only brilliant ideas but an intelligent one, that truly considers the form, fit and the invidiual aesthetic of each seperate. It is refreshing in a city obsessed with the obseleting the previous season to see Lou Dalton building a solid brand identity, there's a great sense of integrity in that.

Text and Images by Will Wyness

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