Saturday, 9 June 2018

Saturday 9th June: "Get Braided" by Charz Couture

My new fresh colour was made one hundred percent more cosmic by the deft and perfectionist skills of hair stylist Charz Couture.  Char has previously braided my hair in two dutch braids so this time she went even more intricate dividing my spectrum into four plaints.  My soft fine baby hairs were all neatly pulled in line and swept into the separate sections which revealed the layers and stripes of my colour.  I managed to keep it neat for a couple of weeks thanks to a hair-net over night and maximised the opportunity.  I got so much positive feedback from strangers stopping me to compliment me on the braids.  I felt like a million dollars, I wish I could keep this forever!  

Head over to Char's Instagram to see more and make enquiries. 

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