Thursday, 7 June 2018

Thursday 7th June: "Ruffnecks Rudeboys & Rollups"

Here is "Ruffnecks Rudeboys  & Rollups" pop-up exhibition on the roots of London street style from 1989 to the early 00s, curated by 
Angela Philips @677flycreative.  As with the cyclical nature of trends, the style has gone full circle with the nostalgia now being referenced and re-worn by the new generation.  Angela has pieced together a complete case study to capture the pioneers from original photography to archive clothing and paraphernalia.  Her mission has been to document how the scene started to educate the secondary wave who might not necessarily have knowledge of the origin before buying into current labels re-appropriating the look.  The opening night had gradient red, gold and green cocktails from Wray & Nephew ..... being enjoyed here by menswear street-style stalwart Harris Elliot.  That's the beauty of London's creative scene and the support between us all.  Head over to Angela's Instagram to see more and see my archive posts on Harris show "Return Of The Rudeboy" here. 

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