Friday, 10 April 2009

Friday 10th April: Profile: Sophie Gittins

What were your favourite pair of shoes when you were a child?

Funnily enough my favourite shoes weren’t actually my own - I endlessly coveted my mum’s wedding shoes which were buttersoft pale cream/nude leather with plaited straps from Bally. She gave them to me as soon as I could fit into them and I save them for special occasions.

Are you are footwear fetishist like Imelda Marcus? (ie. do you have a large collection of your own?)

Not as much as people would probably expect. I have some beautiful shoes that I love but I don’t buy many pairs any more, I have to really want a pair and it has to coincide with an event so I can justify it to myself!

What is your favourite shoe design of all time?

There’s a shoe by Andre Perugia which was inspired by Georges Braque which takes the shape of a fish – it’s such a fantastic style even though it was designed in the 30s it still looks avant garde today. (I’ve attached a photo – he’s a genius!)

How do you design? Do you sketch first or play around with materials?

I tend to do a mixture of both – I’ve always sketched first but you can come up with more interesting shapes, folds and details when working with materials that it’s too hard to visualize when sketching.

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