Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thurs 9th April: They're Nice

One of my favourite blogs (and I'm not alone!) comes out of the creative hub of HudsonBec who are a prolific duo that have instigated up a number of obscenely successful projects. Like two circus clowns juggling plates on sticks, these guys run an art direction studio, curate exhibitions, run workshops, videocasts, produce prints & publications and have an online shop with commissioned merchandise. Not content with this slasher balancing act, they earnestly set up "ifyoucould" - a platform for designers to come together and collaborate. Here I have opened a couple of pages of the new diary from the project, which features artwork by a different illustrator on each page. As usual, the visual concept is to answer the question "if you could ....." with the theme of this latest offering being " anything tomorrow, what would it be?"
Well if I had to answer that question, I would like to invest £10 on the first hardcopy version of their blog, which they have put together to feature highlights from their past posts with additional in-depth interviews and articles. To accompany the book launch this week, the blog has been redesigned to house the archive. Here are Alex and Will at their Redchurch Street headquarters. I always plague people to send me an image of their workspace as an insight into their world, and unsurprisingly most practitioners are not always forthcoming! But luckily this conscientious couple answered my request so you can all see who the busy bees are behind the enterprise. Its very cute that their poster says "We've Been Good" .............. that's quite evident but they are probably too busy to see the unconscious irony of the words they chose to pin up!

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