Monday, 18 May 2009

Mon 18th May: Lazy Oaf

No that's not a description for my absence from blogging this weekend* but the name of the fun filled label of goodies that make burger beanies and donut design tees.
Although the online store is a visual treat, it doesn't beat the real deal and going along to the shop on Kingley Court. Infact, no time is better than the present, as the windows have just been overhauled with hilarious faces to launch the new specs range. The illustrator behind the cheeky chappies is the ridiculously rainbowlicious Rosy Nicholas who I profiled here when I discovered her talents ( Sorry Rosy, but I had to put this portrait up to give a little insight into how you might come up with the characters that you draw............I love this photo!

* FredButlerStyle has had a technological meltdown and resuming regular opperations is proving too ANNOYING when phones and computers decide to say "No" at the same time.
Apologies to anyone I have ignored since Friday, its not personal, I just went AWOL

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