Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sat 23rd May: Embellished Faces Part 3

We found out that more work by Maurizio Anzeri is on show at The Rifles Gallery including 3 of the afore mentioned hair sculptures. So I was even more pleasantly surprised to find work by other artists in the same location. The shows are currently split across three floors with the ground floor dedicated to tapestry. In 2005 "Banners of Persuasion" commissioned 14 artists to design an edition of five handwoven tapestries. Originally shown in 2008, this is now a mini selection including Peter Blake, Gary Hume, Kara Walker and Julie Verhoven. I can't believe that I have only just found out about them. The Julie Verhoven hanging "Far from the madding crowd" is suitably delicious in her signature style psychedelic faces and places.  I wanted to rip it off the wall, stash it in my swag bag and run straight home ("I'll ave that" Burgler Bill style - for anyone who had that book as a kid! ).  But they are only on show until Weds before they head off  to exhibitions in New York, L.A & Moscow so I would hate to deny the rest of the world!   

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