Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thurs 21 May: Team Kruger

Here are our next door neighbours........Team Kruger. What fantastic neighbours to have! They run their own incredible free music magazine which we have watched grow from strength to strength and is now a fully functioning operation with as many arms as a Hindu Goddess. For example last night was their monthly event at The Social. Another monthly feature is a free download singles club alongside regular podcasts, blogs and tour diaries. This is one of the best bits..........each issue a new act is handed over the baton of a suitcase to take on tour whilst blogging their exploits............and when finished, put their sticker on it like an old destination that one day it will be covered with a plethora of memorial graphics with the first being Micachu and currently Little Boots.
The current issue has answered all my questions about Plugs (the band not electrics!), that Owen Pallett has worked on the new Rumble Strips album - not just Mark Ronson, who the hell Marina and the Diamonds is (that ignorance is not going to last long) and some really beautiful portraits by their NYC photographer Christopher McLallen.
So to find out more about what the guys are concocting up at Kruger Laboratories head to :

They even turned their hand to a spot of prop making for the last issue! Making this robot to replace a missing member of the Rakes for a photoshoot!

(Another bonus is that we can raid their promo CD reject stack. I discoverd a new Larry Tee album which features a single by Jodie Harsh called "Agyness Dean"! Hilarious! Looking forward to seeing how that one is going to be marketed..............)

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