Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Weds 20th May: Somebody got a nice surprise!

A goldfish grows as big as its bowl. My kleptomaniac fins are squished right up to the concave walls.
That doubled with my uncontrollable habit of giving presents, meant that there was only one option to deal with dismantling my installation at Kokon To Zai. With no room at the Inn (studio) for the new 2.5, I knew exactly who would find a good home for it - Chanel devotee Mandi Lennard. So Sara and I knocked up some fancy wrapping and dropped it off at her showroom with an equally giant Barbie's hand laying in wait. We had so much fun making the giant bow. I wish you could see the scale of this beast. Its 1.5 metre square so if Clinton's were to ever diversify into outsize gift wrap, they might need to give the "Forever Friends" aisle the old heave-ho to accommodate these bad boys.

See Mandi's pics on her blog:

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