Monday, 28 December 2009

Mon 28th Dec: SHOWstudio Season's Greetings

Not only was I lucky enough to get to take charge of the Christmas Tree for the SHOWstudio SHOP this year also lead to being asked to illustrate their Christmas card.  Its funny really, because sending them my Christmas cards might just be how I first made creative contact with the team!  After doing so for a couple of years, I was invited to take part in the "12 days of Christmas" Swarovski project  in 2006.  It was such an amazing honour to be included as an unknown entity, and that is an example of their all inclusive practises at SHOWstudio.   The novelty still hasn't worn off, and I was again duly honoured to be given responsibility for this task..........I took a deep breath and set about a signature paper cut, incorporating photos of the accessories from the tree and my print design by Brie Harrison.  
My card arrived through the door on Christmas eve and it was as if Santa had come early..........I can't believe they had time to write them all after the whole month spent shooting 100 portraits and then the imminent dismantling of Fashion Revolution.  I'm wondering what fashion week will be like at Somerset House in February without it?  I'm really going to miss it!  

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