Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sunday 27th Dec: Luke Fenech

From my interview with Elisha Smith-Leverock to another that I answered about our work together from the premiere issue of Sketchbook Magazine - "The Blogger Issue"........which has obviously been much blogged about........but I have only just received my issue due to multiple address mix ups and general British Postal Service glitches.  To accompany the written body, Sketchbook commissioned artist Luke Fenech to illustrate my designs which you can see above.  It was such a sweet surprise to see my stitching reinterpreted into a 2D artwork so I wanted to locate the hand responsible for the doodles.  Thanks to Kate Bones for replying to my blog call out, we have been put in touch.  Being an avid cut'n'paste collage fiend myself, his jumbles of delicately placed paper really resonated, so I wanted to find out more ......... 

"I'm still doing my 3rd year of graphic design at university in Nottingham and when I'm not there I'm either travelling the city on a 1950s bike, dreaming about folk stories and Land Rovers, having impromptu adventures in the countryside (with a picnic and/or a flask of gin!) or enjoying an early morning walk after a night of disco! Either way I'm constantly observing and recording the world, people and my thoughts. 
Clients include Habitat, YCN, Exalt Exalt, The Social, Punk, Sketchbook Magazine"

"I'm also part of the Just Us Design Collective and am represented by YCN. 
I was recently commissioned by YCN to produce a collage for their 2009-10 annual, where each of the 109 commended students were asked to email in a photo of themselves, and from those I compiled a collage of an old school hall, using 1950s imagery to make a massive celebratory image. 
My favourite project is called New Habitats, in which I re-imagined interiors catalogues by collaging different pages of imagery to create new structures that transcend momentary trends and stand up with a bit more longevity. I'm hopefully going to transfer these into 3D forms soon. 

As you all know, I ask featured artists to send me a picture of thier work place.........I love a snoop at people's different abodes full of bits and is Luke's lovely looking safe haven and its fittingly festive to keep the Christmas vibe going on the blog.............Thanks Luke!

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