Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday Jan 1st 2010: 2009 In Picture Postcards, 1st Pit Stop Petra Storrs

One of my favourite things when I was a kid was the "Uncle Travelling Mack" skit on Fraggle Rock.  They would read out the postcards from his travels with a hilarious picture of him in the middle of an 8th wonder with some outrageous anecdote.  So in the same vein I have had in10  contributors fave shots of their fave moment from their fave place to sum up their year..............first off the New Year starting block is my latest featured artist Petra Storrs......

"an amazing plaster elephant which was outside the Mellisa Shoe Company in Brazil Sao Paulo which I saw when I was there visiting Liria Pristine"
Petra Storrs, Art Director

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Susan said...

I loved that elephant too (and the shoes are fab).