Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mon 18th Oct: Lily Vanilli at Harrods Food Hall

Lily Vanilli
has taken her artisan bespoke baking out of her kitchen and into the food hall at Harrods with her own concession destination! Lily is moonlighting amongst the confectionery at the department store serving up her very own, lovingly hand crafted cupcakes. I'm guessing all you chocoholics were aware that it was "Chocolate Week" last week and for the event Lily devised a range of choc-centric treats such as Chocolate Cream Cheese Red Velvet with Strawberry, White Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate with Fresh Fruit - as seen her in her snaps from a batch of the beauties! However the menu is evolving with Halloween favours entering the mix later in the month between 24th-31st. These weird and wonderful inventions can be found in her new book "A Zombie ate my cupcake" so you can even have a go yourself! If you're too squeamish to have a stab at the bloody heart or mutant ears, there are mini burger cupcakes or the classic rainbow marble recipe which we originally bonded over. I'm going to have a crack at something for Halloween, but before then I would love to get over to Harrods to visit Lily in residence! You can find out more on her own blog here.