Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wed 20th Oct: Andy Macgregor for Supermarket Sarah

Keep your eye on Supermarket Sarah with regular returns to her shop now that she has branched out to site specific walls. The occasional destination appeared in conjunction with projects such as Selfridges or Tatty Devine but artists curated walls were still shot at the Supermarket Sarah HQ. As the enterprise has sped off with phenomenal success, Sarah is now casting her net further into the sea of creatives and handing over the technical bit. This means that artists can set up their installation wherever they want and upload the entries in the same formula.
The latest name to take residence on the home page is set designer/illustrator Andy Macgregor who shot his wall in his new studio in Highbury. There are all the incredible paper accessories that he made as props with expert precision for an editorial last year. There is a Bikkemberg wellington, Prada boot, Lanvin sandal and Bottega Veneta bag.......... see the whole selection here. There is also the crafty cheeky cardboard squirrel, patchwork kite, still life painting of a pineapple and 2 cosmic owls. Its a mixed bunch of beautiful artworks and collected brik-a-brak and a fun selection to scroll thru............. GO Supermarket Sarah!

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