Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thurs 6th Jan 2011: A Minute Silence Corgi Socks

AMS - CORGI SOCKS from danny sangra on Vimeo.

Happy Feet! Oh yes!
Normally the prospect of a pair of socks for Christmas drains the enthusiasm out of any unwrapping. BUT when you peel away silver foil and reveal a pair of cosmic graphic Corgi Socks from AMS, you feel like Charlie discovering the golden ticket from the Wonka Bar. The graphic pattern and cosmic colour palette is just one thing ............ the other is that they are produced by the British heritage knitwear company Corgi Hosiery Ltd, knitters to the Queen! If the Queen's padding round Buckingham Palace in this type of quality knit, then I'm jumping on that royal bandwagon! Corgi pieces are hand knitted in Wales on traditional knit machines and then each lovingly finished by hand. Watching Craig knitting like this every day in the studio, I can fullly appreciate the time and care it takes! AMS designed by Lynn Cockburn and Danny Sangra, each item comes wrapped in its own Tyvek bag with an original piece of Sangra artwork. Here is a snap of mine....... thanks guys!

Check out their Site for a preview of the next collection..........

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