Monday, 3 January 2011

Tues 4th Jan 2011: Guest Review 2010 >>>>>>>>>>> Madeleine Ostlie

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

MO: "My very good friend Frieda Gormley got married to the lovely Javvy Royale this May at Wapping Church, complete with an insanely stylish and fun reception at the Wapping Project. Me and my best friend Hannah were given the honour of being the world's oldest flower girls, no we definitely didn't feel stupid scattering petals up the aisle as we walked ahead of the bridesmaid's. For the occasion, by mum made our Flower Girl dresses, which were based on an old Future Classics block and made out of a ditsy floral Liberty crepe de chine. The dresses were insane with 6m of fabric and 28 pattern pieces to each. But hey, were the most fun to wear ever, I might even get married in mine."

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

MO: "For the past two weeks i spent most of the day going "Oh na na, what's my name." Its calmed down a bit now but i think our lil Rhi Rhi most definitely scores high of my favourites of this year. Gil Scott Heron's 'Me and the Devil' is also pretty epic. That old dude is WAY MAJE."

Madeleine Ostlie (Madeleine to the right of portrait), Stylist & Blogger

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