Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Weds 5th Jan 2011: Guest Review 2010 >>>>>>>>>>> Josephine Chime

FB: What was the best life lesson you learnt in 2010 or revelation / epiphany that has changed your outlook?

JC: "There always seems to be this imminent deadline lurking in the shadows too many things to have done in such little time, if only I can squeeze 30 hours into 24.

In conjunction with The Firm I showed my first solo exhibition Hold Onto More,it required military precision to complete everything on time to avoid stressing and draining all the energy out of me.

Living in London causes soo many things to stimulate my mind and create images in my head which are desperate to squeeze out into reality, 2010 has been the year where I've realised the projects I feel passionate about and mastered the art of time management...*cough*

Now I'm using the 24 hours which I'm allocated with to only giving birth to the projects I feel passionate about and work with people that excite me, after all time is precious."

Picture: Miss November from Hold On to More exhibition

Josephine Chime

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