Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Weds 5th Jan 2011: Guest Review 2010 >>>>>>>>>>> ADi Gil, Three ASFOUR

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

AG: "I would say : threeASFOUR VORTEX swim (from spring - summer 2011 )
love this swim since it is so good for so many different activities from surfing to yoga or to any other excises or just for everyday underwear !
love when a piece is not just beautiful and it actually function and make sense ..
this swim is definitely the winner of this year for me !"

FB: What was your favourite song of the year and what was the defining moment hearing / dancing to it?

AG: "That is a hard question ....
with music ... i usually dont have one winner ...
if i had to choose i would say :
harry nilsson : put the lime in the coconut
this song has it's own charm like no other !!
was a good - good mood toll for me and my loved ones for this past year !!
highly recommend !!!!!!!"

ADi Gil, threeASFOUR
Photo of ADi surfing by Marcelo Krasilcic
Vortex Swimwear

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