Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday 22nd April: Helen Macintyre set design for Boris Johnson in The Guardian

Here is the amazing London city made by set designer Helen Macintyre for The Guardian feature on the city's mayor Boris Johnson. I love it so much - it reminds me exactly of the little wooden building blocks I had as a child. The perfectly constructed cars were just cut off the final edited shots so Helen has sent over some snaps of the props back at her house for us to see. Its not every day that you can fit St.Pauls Cathedral, the BT Tower, Tower Bridge, Big Ben AND The Eye in your kitchen!!
To see more of Helen's card creations head over to her site.
(If you google Helen's name this site comes up first ........ and the second result brings up the other Helen Macintyre who was embroiled in the paternity riddle 'Is Boris the father?" The irony of this is just incredible. Needless to say Helen kept her full name under wraps on set of the shoot!!)

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