Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fri Oct 21st: Patrick Wolf at SHOWstudio's Cafe Concert

Inspired by the 'Café Chantant' tradition SHOWstudio have launched their Café Concert series. Musical performances will be streamed live from the SHOWstudio Shop space decked out into a functioning cafe complete with croissant and coffee at your own table inside the stable conversion. First up was Patrick Wolf, playing multiple instruments including the harp to create a unique medley of tracks with Victoria Sutherland on violin. Here is Patrick in his special Frida Kahlo shirt, and his graphic design collaborator Chrissie Abbott enjoying her espresso in the sun on Bruton Place. Keep checking the schedule for the shop to see news of the next artist to take to the intimate stage............ and products appearing on the shelves including this crystal snow collected from one of Nick Knight's shoots.....

Patrick is about to embark on his 'Lupercalia' tour with support from Cocknbullkid.

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